Friday, August 9, 2013


  • Reid is at his last day of daycare and I am busy doing this
  • I have to say that I always wondered who had time to hang out at a cafe with their iPad or lap top. Well this girl has time, TODAY! Lol. Plus I needed to turn in some paper work and run some errands, so I came here to write my post so I don't have to go back home in-between all my running around.
  • I have an interview at 1:00 and I am excited about it!
  • I had a phone interview yesterday and I was NOT excited about that one. But it was good practice.
  • I learned yesterday that I don't like phone interviews and that I am MORE likeable when people meet me in person. Or so I hope so! Lol
  • We are going on vacation this weekend/next week! We are going to Colorado to do some trail riding. We normally stick to the sand, so I am pretty darn excited to try something new.
  • I probably won't be able to post next week and that makes me a little sad.
  • I ran 4 miles on Wednesday and that felt great. It wasn't the fastest time ever, but man did it feel good to run that distance. Plus it was on dirt roads and in my neck of the woods. I love my running route!

  • I will head to the gym today and do some weight lifting. I haven't done that since Monday even thought I have worked out every day except for Thursday ( I could tell my legs needed a good rest).
  • I have not packed for our vacation yet. Eeeeekkkkk! I am a true procrastinator.
  • There is a 5k tomorrow at the zoo, should I run it? I think I might skip it. It would be a fun run, but it also cost money! Maybe next year.
  • I will need to run in the mountains sometime next week and I am freaking nervous about it. Mountains are not flat, I like flat runs.
  • I am doing another warrior dash while I am in Colorado and for some reason I am NOT nervous about that.
  • I am running out of things to say, so I am logging off. If I have time or Internet access I will update you on how the interview went; our 7 hour drive with a toddler; mountain trails; running in the mountains; and any other shinanigans that goes on during vacation! Have a good weekend.

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  1. You should have enough service on your phone to be able to post at some point during the next week. Good luck with packing. I can't wait to see you!