Thursday, March 19, 2015

What a difference a year makes.

Although we have not had them for a year, the pups will be turning a year old on Saturday.  CRAZY I know.  It seems like yesterday they were like this:
Now they are all:

Whew, it has been a long road though. 

Let me first tell you the story of how we ended up with TWO puppies. 
After Sahara died (this statement still brings tears to my eyes, I miss her dearly!) the house was REALLY quiet.  I dreaded coming home from work.  This is huge for me because I LOVE to be at home. 

I really thought we would need a puppy ASAP for R because that kid was connected to Sahara at the hip. 

I love this one.  He was always hanging on her some how. 

But any ways, I thought R would have the hardest time with her being gone. BTW he was not there with us when she passed, it was just Jed and I.  I didn't think he would understand what was going on. For crying out loud it was devastating to me, I can only imagine what would have been going through his head if he had been there to see it. 

But to my surprise, that kid bounced right back.  I actually thought about NOT having a dog for a while.  But the house was just too quiet, it didn't feel like home any more.  This had me depressed for a while. 

So I asked around to see if anyone had any yellow labs.  I had mixed feelings about getting another lab but in the end the fact that Sahara was a lab won me over. So a lab it was.  I found a litter about an 1 1/2 hours away.  This worked out great because R and I would be in Omaha for my nephew's birthday and we could come back through that town to pick up the puppy.  I was pretty excited. 

While R and I were busy celebrating my husband had time to think about things and thought it was a GREAT idea to get 2 puppies. His argument was that we hated leaving Sahara at home all day by herself. This is true, I hated leaving her at the house all day by herself, she seemed so sad whenever I got ready to leave. :( Once again I think that dog thought she was human. haha. Maybe it is because we treated her that way. 

So I thought about this and my answer was "we are not ready for 2 PUPPIES." And my husband's response was "Think about it over night, before you make any real decisions." I promised him I would think about it.  And I did, and I came up with the same answer, we weren't ready for 2 puppies. 

So R and I hit the road back home and arrived at the house where the puppies were at.  There were 2 puppies left. And well, it broke my heart to leave one behind. So I asked if I could buy the second one. And of course they said YES. So now we have 2 dogs. 

And here is what they have been up to since that day:

This was their first day at our house. So small!!

Oh these two LOVE to wrestle.  They still do. But back then, they were so rough. They would cut each other up with those puppy teeth. 

Tried leash training, that didn't work very well. We need to get back to doing that. 

first car ride. 

It is so HOT outside. She was the first one to figure out that vent blew out nice cold air. 

They learned to sit pretty early.  Although at this point they only want to sit unless they know you have food. Smart dogs. 

Gobi (male) loves his toys and loves to cuddle with them. 

They still lay like that a lot. Kali (female) will eventually move, she likes her space.  But at some point, Gobi will go find her and basically lay on her.  It is pretty comical to watch them.

Kali trying to help Jed out in the barn. (I think she secretly wants to go for a ride)

And they LOVE to play with R and vice versa. They use to knock him over all the time, but they have gotten a little better about that. 

R loves laying with them.  He use to do this with Sahara too. 

Yep, they ended up at the Shelter for running off. We bailed them out, but they now how a different collar to keep them at home.  What rascals. 

one of their many victims. Sigh. 

Another victim.

Gobi thought our friend needed some company. 

Photo bomb. 

We named them Kali (short for Kalahari Desert) and Gobi (Gobi Desert), we thought we would keep up the tradition. 

It has been an adventure, that is for sure.  They have been a lot of work, but I can't imagine our house without them now. 

Happy Birthday Kali and Gobi!!!! 

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