Monday, March 23, 2015

Good Changes

Well I am on day 22 of the Whole30 and I am feeling pretty amazing.  Here are some of the things that I have noticed in the last 22 days.

 - I don't crave chocolate or sweets. 
 - I don't need to eat every 3 hours. 
 - I sleep SO MUCH better
 - I have A LOT more energy
 - Less foggy
 - My muscle recovery is MUCH faster
 - My taste buds are changing for the better

Let me break these down a little bit more. 

Chocolate/Sweet Cravings
Like I said before, I would feel the need to buy candy at the store and then eat it on my way home.  I don't really miss that. I can go down the candy isle and not really feel a tug towards anything. To be honest I am scared that once I start reintroducing sugar to my food that those cravings will come back. 

Eating every 3 hours
So maybe one of the reasons I don't crave sweets is because I am not hungry ALL the time.  Before the Whole30 I was fueling my body with crap (just being honest). I thought having a Luna bar in the morning would get me to noon. NOT HAPPENING! Now I eat my breakfast at 5:00 am and I'm not really hungry till 11:00 or noon. I also don't get light headed or shaky if I go more than 4 hours of eating. I didn't realize how bad that was until it went away. I don't want it to EVER come back. 

Sleep!!! Everyone loves sleep!
I fall asleep so much faster now and when I do sleep, I sleep hard! I love it.  Before this, I would be a light sleeper and had a hard time falling asleep.  Those days are gone.  When my head hits the pillow I have to struggle to keep my eyes open (I like to play on my phone before bed, but I almost can't do that now). I also find it easier to get up in the morning for my 5:30 am workouts too. 

Now, I don't have the energy that I was hoping to gain from this. I was hoping I would be that crazy lady just running a million miles an hour, didn't happen.   But I do have a lot more than I did pre-whole30. This is with only having one cup of coffee in the morning. If I have 2 cups it is usually because I'm treating the second one as a treat. If there is something that I want to eat, but can't then I have my second cup of coffee.  That doesn't happen very often though.  

I feel that I can concentrate on things better. Now, I do think there is still room for improvement here, but it has gotten better. I am hoping to see a little more improvement by day 30. 

Muscle recovery
I started going back to crossfit at the end of week 2 and I will say the soreness in my legs and arms doesn't linger around like it before.  I still get sore, but day 2 would be when things would get pretty painful.  Now once I get through day 1 of soreness it is pretty much gone by day 2. A huge plus.  Also, I worked really hard today and I don't feel that sore at all. I think all the protein and water is helping with that. 

Taste Buds
The things that I find AMAZING I probably only thought they were okay before.  And certain things don't seem so appealing anymore.   One of the things that I use to love to eat was bread with some butter on it.  I don't really want that any more.  I would rather have some fruit or something with guacamole, or nothing because I am not hungry. 

Here are some of my favorite things right now
I threw some chicken breasts in a crock pot along with some Frank's hot sauce with Apple cider vinegar and Ghee (basically made buffalo chicken). This picture is actually of left overs which I scrambled eggs and threw the chicken in it.  Then put some homemade ranch on it (see below).  this is my FAVORITE meal right now.  I honestly could eat it for every meal. SOO GOOD! 

Homemade Ranch.  I wish I would have made this earlier.  It is so good.  I am still surprised that I made it. 

Baked Plaintains and guacamole. So stinking yummy.  I usually have this if I can't come up with a good side dish. 

R is always one of my favorite things.  But I love how cute the dogs are with him. Gobi really wanted his mac n cheese.  Kali could care less. haha. 
I love the sunsets from our house.  Especially now that the warmer weather is here. 

That is all I got for ya.  I hope your Monday is going GREAT. Just think Easter is right around the Corner!! How on Earth did that happen, I feel like we are breezing through March. 

What are some of your favorite things right now?? 

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