Monday, March 16, 2015

Confession time

So we had a wedding to go to on Saturday. And to be honest I almost had a full on panic attack thinking about this day.  
1.) There would be non-compliant Whole30 food.
2.) There would be alcohol &
3.) CAKE!!!

So come Saturday morning, I started to think about the food I could take with me. I did a pretty good job, I took a Lara Bar, A red bell pepper, and baked plantains with Guacamole (which by the way is freaking amazing, one of my new favorite foods.) 

I was starting to feel better as we headed that way (it was an hour and 45 minute drive). I did good the whole way there and through the wedding. Then came the dreaded reception where all the food and alcohol would be. 

So let me start with the Good.  My eating was on point and I did GREAT in that area.  Where I failed was in the adult beverage section. I broke. I had 2 margaritas and a glass of wine, WOMP WOMP.  

I felt pretty bad about it. And then I thought of all the improvements I have made in the last  13 days. I have done pretty darn awesome. So instead of just saying "Oh f@ck it, I'm quitting and eating what ever I want." I actually said "Okay, I hit a bump in the road, but I am NOT falling off this wagon." And that is what I did.  I woke up Sunday and made my breakfast and then joined my family at IHOP where they all had pancakes, eggs, and french toast.  I had a bowl of fruit. Not easy, but it was much easier to say no to that than the cake from the night before, I REALLY WANTED THAT CAKE! I'm still impressed that I said no! 

The rest of the day went just as well as breakfast did.  Then I woke up this morning and went to Crossfit. Yep, I started to add that back in. I went twice last week and I'm hoping to make it 4 times this week. But I feel great. I'm not going to fret about the 3 drinks I had this weekend.  I should technically start over, but my mind can't handle that right now. So I'm going to keep going. I'm thinking that sometime this fall I will do another one and hopefully that round I will have a PERFECT Whole30.  

 I am starting to feel the good energy coming from this program.  I am also not as hungry as I use to be.  I don't need to snack. I woke up at 5:00 am this morning and had my breakfast (boiled egg, a homemade sausage patty, and a quarter of a bell pepper) and wasn't hungry until about 11:30 am.  I didn't get light headed (which was something I was experiencing before starting this). I felt pretty great. I still do.  So I'm going to keep going. 

I did have fun at the wedding.  It was pretty emotional, but I'm glad I went. I'm not going to go into it much, but this was probably one of the hardest wedding I have ever been too.  I kept having flash backs of another VERY BEAUTIFUL wedding. So many emotions. But in the end happiness is all I felt. I'm happy for the newly weds and I hope that their marriage is full of laughter and great memories. They are a great couple. 
This is me, Emily (Cousin of the Groom), and my lovely mom!! 

Then this happened today

Don't worry, they were for work and I had a total of ZERO pieces! Pizza is a huge weakness for this girl. But not today.  It didn't even smell good. 

So there you have it.  The honest truth. Some people would say "No one needs to know all the dirty details" But I think they do.  This isn't a very easy diet (I hate using that word, but it is hard to NOT use it). I want to be completely honest with you folks because this is here for me and if I can't be honest here then why do I keep writing. So I want you guys to know it is HARD.  It is hard to constantly say no.  It is.  I am human and I made a mistake this weekend, but I'm not going to let one little mistake ruin my Whole30.  I may even do 31 days to make up for that one.  No I don't plan on drinking through out the rest of my 30 days.  It was a mistake that I don't plan on making again. My goal these days are: To be better today than I was yesterday! So here is to that! 

Have a great week everyone. Today is day 15, I'm officially at my halfway point.  Here is to another 15 great days!! 

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  1. I am so very proud of girl, I forgot to tell you that I could a difference , you looked awesome