Friday, April 18, 2014

Confession time! (not a religious post)

So yesterday I was on my way back to work from lunch (which was a VERY healthy chicken salad from the salad bar at the grocery store) and it dawned on me.  I half ASS things.  I totally do.  I half assed my half marathon. HAHAHA that is kinda of funny, maybe if I do a full marathon I won't HALF ass it. LOL okay enough of that.

I totally half ass everything. From cleaning house to my workouts. I do what is JUST enough to get me by.  And I'm tired of it. What made me think of this?? Well after eating my super healthy salad I needed to buy some groceries like eggs and bananas, all healthy, but then at the check out lane there was a stupid display of Reese's peanut butter eggs and they were buy 2 get ONE free. All Easter Season I have only bought one at a time, but this time I thought "Oh crap Easter is this weekend and they will ALL BE GONE!" I had a panic attack and bought 3.  So I thought, well I can eat one.  But then one lead to two and then THREE. Yep I ate ALL three of them in a matter of 2-3 hours. I felt horrible afterwards of course.  And with the realization of how I half ass things, I decided that I am diving in, HEAD first, into Paleo.  There it is, I am committing myself for 30 days to eating healthy and ONLY paleo. IF I don't, I know I will half ass my diet for the REST of my life.

So starting on Monday, I will be only eating things that are Paleo friendly. I have dabbled with it during the last few weeks, but the dabbling is OVER. I'm done being a half asser. I am going to do this for a month and see how it goes. If after a month I feel healthier and better then I will continue with it, but if I feel like it isn't for me then I will make adjustments.

I have goals and with those goals comes GREAT responsibilities. CRAP, that is Spiderman, not me. But seriously if I want to reach my goals then I have to do EVERYTHING possible to make sure I achieve those goals. I loved the feeling of finishing my half marathon and I want that feeling again. I want to REACH my goals. So last night I started a vision board and this idea came from Val at Fabulous Chick Gets Fit.  So last night I made a new board on Pinterest and really focused on what I WANTED. Here is some of what I came up with:

Look at how muscular she is and strong she is. I may NEVER look like her, but I want to be as STRONG as I can be.
I want to be able to do ONE of these, it is called a muscle up.  And it is much harder than it looks.  To be honest, I struggle with any move we do on the rings, they are so foreign to me.

I think this one explains it self.
I started this board because I wanted something visual for the days when I am struggling and it has already helped.  This morning at Crossfit I was struggling, it was a VERY hard workout for me.  I struggled with the rings and then doing some headstand things.  I felt like an idiot (because to be honest, everyone else was doing these moves A LOT better than me), but then I thought of these things and it got me through the work out.  I sweated more than I have ever sweat during a workout, but boy did I feel GREAT when I was done. But there was a point where I wanted to give up and say, "enough is enough." But then the first picture popped into my head and I told myself "I am never going to get stronger if I give up now." So I kept going. The trainer knew I was struggling and he helped me and in the end, he said "You did a great job, you pushed through the hard stuff, that is what counts." SO TRUE. I was proud of myself when I left the "box" this morning (a box is a crossfit gym). I was FREAKING wiped out, but I was proud of myself. I knew I gave it everything I had. And isn't that the point to all of this.
My other goal is to run another half marathon under 2:15 and I think that is very possible. I need to pin some more running stuff, but I like this one.
I have never been a person to do this, I feel like I always take baby steps to get there. But come Monday I am going to become this person.
I know this one, but I sometimes I need a reminder:

So come Monday, you can basically call me the "Paleo girl" or you can come up with something much cooler. I will try to post a menu of what I plan on eating on my next post. My hope is that either tomorrow or Sunday I will go grocery shopping and before I go shopping that I have a weeks worth of meals that I want to make.
Okay enough of the serious talk, I also pinned some funny shit yesterday too.
I really want to do this to someone. I LOVE that commercial. Mostly because I can see myself being that lady in that exact robe. HAHAHA.
If you see a good example of this, take a pic and send it to me or tag me in the post.  This just cracks me up.
Okay that is all I got for you folks.  See you on Monday.  Have a Hoppy Easter. Yeah, I am lame like that.
What are your goals for this spring/summer.  I seriously want to know. It could be to lose 5-10 pounds, maybe it is to run a 5k or half marathon. Let me in on your dirty little secret (I mean fitness goals, I don't want to know the other stuff!!).


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  1. But if I tell you, then it's out there, and I'll have to commit to it, or at least feel guilty if I don't...

    I really intend to write a blog post about this. Oh, a blog post? Yeah, let's make that Goal #1: More blog posts. Goal #2 (the one to blog about): Weaning off the pump. And to go along with that, Goal #3: Do an at-home workout DVD in place of one of my pumps.