Monday, April 27, 2015

Post Whole30 update and other announcements

Well Hello there.  It has been a hot minute since I have posted anything.  Yeah, life gets in the way from time to time.

What I really want to accomplish with this post is my ideas, results, advise on the Whole30.  Also, some fun news after the whole30 business.

In March I did the whole30 and it was HARD.  (That's what she said, hahahaha.  Are people still saying that??) Any who.  I made it. I am still alive and no long term damage done.  Actually no damage at all.  No harm was done to Jessica during the whole30.  (isn't that the message they put at the end of movie or commercial explaining that no animals were harmed during a movie). I am getting way off track here.

So how was it?? Well it sucked to be honest.  Anytime you restrict yourself so much it is going to suck, AT FIRST.  By the end things weren't so hard, they got a little blah, but things got easier. I did have some serious anxiety about reintroducing food, which you can read Here.  I did reintroduce a day earlier.  Big whoop.  If I do it again, I will go the whole 30 days.  But whatever.

The big question is: Would I do it again??? In a heart beat. Why?? keep reading.

My results, well I lost 9 pounds altogether.  I wish I would have taken a pic, but to be honest at the beginning I didn't think I would make it to the 30 days to take an after pic.  I need to work on this confidence thing!! But I Learned that I can say NO to food.  What a revelation that was.  I also realized that I don't have to have that creamer crap in my coffee, guess what folks, Coffee still works if you don't put creamer in it!! I haven't had McDonalds in over 50 days (say what?!?!?!?). I don't miss it. Not even a little. I was in a rut and all about convenience. When you are in that place you need something drastic and for ME it was Whole30. The other thing, I am no longer scared of my oven, stove, kitchen, recipe books, health food isle, weird spices, etc. My confidence grew in the Kitchen.  I will try anything now. Before I hated cooking and would be perfectly happy buying fast food, but because I have a son and think that eating out every meal isn't acceptable for a 4 year old, I would cook.  Now I not only cook for the well being of R, but for myself as well. We still eat out, but not as often. Which doesn't suck!

But the biggest thing I learned is what to eat and what not to eat.  I learned that dairy and I don't get a long.  Let's take a moment to let that sink in.

Folks I LOVE dairy.  It is the truth.  But by the end of the day of my reintroduction of dairy my stomach was so pissed off at me. It was ridiculous.  BUT I did learn that if I take it easy on the dairy aka cheese, I can have a little from time to time.  I notice that Gluten fills me up and makes me a little uncomfortable if I eat too much. Needless to say, Paleo diet here I come. 

Yep that is going to me for a while.  I should say that my focus is 80% Paleo and 20 percent what ever I want to eat. 

I got a little crazy this last week and I felt it. My stomach as been all out of whack. Sigh. So this week I am focusing on getting back to a majority of my meals being paleo. It doesn't break my heart. I have some favorites that I go to when I feel like I'm being deprived. 

YUMMMMY! Sweet potatoe fries (I guess that is what you call them.) I slice up a sweet potato and put some Ghee in there and fry them babies up.  SO GOOD.  I do sprinkle some salt on them once I am done.  R loves them too! So double win. 

Buffalo Chicken with scramble eggs.  This will always be a favorite of mine. 
 homemade Ranch!! Love!! I make this stuff once a week. In fact I need to make more of this.  I also had a friend tell me that she loves it too, that she can't taste the difference. So see, it isn't just us Whole30 folks who like this stuff. Here is the link for the recipe: Whole30 Ranch 
 Carnitas.  I actually took the meat off the peppers and ate them with out.  The meat was so good on it's own.  A friend told me she used chicken.  I will be trying that this week too. Recipe Here
Plantains and guacamole.  I think we need to buy stock in Wholy Guacamole because I buy enough to support the whole company.  I love this stuff, especially the homestyle kind.  

As of right this second my cheat schedule will be on Friday nights when I am stuffing my face with pizza.  I love pizza and I always will. So that is my cheat meal.  I don't really miss bread or sandwiches any more.  I can do without. But ask me to completely give up Beer and Pizza and I might just punch you. Seriously, I might.  I also noticed if I eat more paleo food than not, then having a beer or two doesn't really bug me.  So that is a HUGE plus is my books. Oh also add in a starbucks latte with coconut milk on Friday mornings. Friday at lunch I keep it pretty clean, but you better watch out Friday night because my face will be in a pizza. 

I do plan on doing another whole30 this fall.  My guess is the second one will be a little easier, but I could be wrong.  It might be harder. If anyone is interested in partaking in the whole30 with me just let me know!! Or if you are interested in doing one now or soon please let me know and I would LOVE to cheer you on or share recipes with you.  

I also have some exciting news. 

Too Much?!?!?!?!?! 

Sorry, but I love them all.  

Okay so the big news is ..............................................

Yeah I might have built that up too much.  Any who.  I had my first Jamberry party and I feel in love with them.  So now I want to help share them with you and your family and friends. If you have ever wondered what they were or how they held up please let me know and I would happy to send you some samples or better yet help YOU host a party. They are awesome and they hold up so much better than nail polish. 

These are my nails after 5 days and a CROSSFIT competition.  Folks, I am not easy on my nails.  But these last and I LOVE it.  So if you are interested you can always get ahold of me via e-mail at or you can look at my website at Jessica has pretty nails.  Tell me what you think.  Also you can order directly from that site if you would like to.  They keep things pretty simple which is one thing that I LOVE about this company already. 

Well folks that is all I got for you today.  I will try to write another post on how my FIRST CROSSFIT competition went.  But I don't think you guys can handle any more information today. 

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